DC Distribution Panels are used at Power Plant Generation, Steel Mills and other types of industrial applications that utilize DC power throughout the facility. The DC voltage is developed from one or more Battery Chargers/Rectifiers or DC Generators. These sources of DC power are often combined on the same bus for capacity or redundancy and their power is distributed throughout the plant for running DC motors, charging batteries, operating switch gear, alarm/annunciator panels, emergency inverters, emergency lighting, DC lube oil pumps, cranes, etc.

The DC distribution panel acts as the main hub for the DC power. The power is fed into the Panelboards from the Charger/Rectifier and DC generators. It is then distributed into branch circuits that can be isolated by opening a specific branch circuit breaker. Circuit Breakers are also used to isolate a DC source from the bus so that maintenance can be safely performed on the source equipment and/or the equipment on a particular branch circuit. The circuit breaker also serves as a means of over current protection for the individual circuits.

These panels are often equipped with DC voltmeters and DC ammeters as well as ground fault detection, breaker position indicators and the capability to provide local and remote status. Blocking diodes can also be included to prevent back feeding of power to the DC source.


  • Extremely fast semiconductor (current limiting) fuses for sub-cycle fault clearing
  • Flexible configuration enables up to 30 amperes per circuit
  • Blown fuse indicators (optional)
  • Properly coordinated fuse/breaker clearing times for critical UPS and inverter applications
  • Lockable, secure door to restrict unauthorized access
  • All dead-front construction
  • UltraSafe fuse holder
  • Suitable for solid-state load protection
  • Accommodates all standard midge size fuses
  • Provides both high speed branch circuit fault clearing ability and long term overcurrent protection
  • Custom designs available