DIGIGATE Series - Commercial UPS Systems

Floor spacing, advanced communication capabilities, aesthetic view, capacity enhancement through paralleling are some the specific requirements from IT and commercial UPS systems applications. Based on the voice of customers (VOC), our R&D team developed DIGIGATE UPS systems which is suitable for IT and commercial applications.
Key Design Features
  • Available from 1-1000kVA with various options
  • Optimized footprint which helps for economic usage of expensive floor spaces
  • Rack mounted as well as tower type model options available
  • Smaller capacities are also available with inbuilt batteries
  • Modular type UPS systems with hot swapping future and scalable up to 500KVA in steps of 50KVA
  • Advanced digital systems with paralleling capability for both redundancy and capacity enhancement.
  • SNMP & Web Enabled communication capability to meet the customer requirements