STATICGATE Series - Voltage Stabiliers

Voltage stabilizer regulator is used as protecting electrical loads from sudden voltage changes and unregulated voltage fluctuation that are not in the range of input voltage of the machines and electrical loads tolerance that have to be given to the machines from voltage stabilizers regulators.

This is the reason, all loads needs voltage stabilizer industrial not only for voltage stabilization also to protect loads from short circuits and electrical lightings.All the stabilizer with microprocessors have three years warranty against production and technical defects.

  • All parameters can be modified using the keypad in the front panel
  • Set input voltage band
  • Set output voltage
  • Set output voltage sensitivity
  • Output over / under voltage cut-off
  • Input over voltage / under voltage cut-off
  • Over load cut-off
  • Trip time delay adjustments with variable setting
  • Manual and auto start facility
  • Common control card - any capacity
  • Output start and stop facility
  • Fully micro control function
  • Generator compatibility
  • True RMS sensing without control transformer for output and input