Power Quality Analysis

Power quality is one of the major concerns in industrial power networks. Many non-linear loads and complex electrical systems cause distortion in industrial power networks which leads to failures. It may result in plant shutdown and financial losses in most of the cases.

APEC with our qualified power engineers and advanced measuring instruments provide detailed industrial and domestic power quality analysis to evaluate the condition & performance of power network.

Following parameters are monitored at the site with reference to IEEE 519 Standards

  • Voltage(V): Voltages at various nodes of the network.
  • Current(A): Flow of current throughout the network and loads.
  • Frequency(Hz): Power frequency at various operating conditions.
  • Power factor (PF): Power factor of various machines in the network.
  • THD: Total Harmonic Distortion in the network elements.
  • Power (KW, KVA & KVAR): Real, Active and Reactive power flowing to and from various machines.
  • Voltage harmonics: Harmonics and disturbances in voltage of network and machines.
  • Current harmonics: Harmonics and disturbances in current flow in the network and machines.